If you have been involved in industrial production in any shape or form since the 1940s, you have heard about the process called plastic injection molding. Service of this type increasingly became common as a result of the technological advances made during World War II. Increased demand by the public for manufactured goods made inexpensively and quickly also affected the need to come up with more efficient production methods. The response from James W. Hendry (1921-2014) in 1946 was the screw plastic injection molding machine.

What Is Plastic Insert Molding?

A plastic injection molding service is a company or supplier that takes several different components (They can be made of metal, ceramic or plastic.), lines them up in a set pattern in a specifically designed molding cavity and inject them with a thermoplastic substance. The result is a new, strong, single unit.

Why Choose an Injection Insert Molding Service?

Companies have long preferred to employ an injection insert molding service in the manufacturing process for several reasons. Among the most stated motives are the following:

* It results in decreased labor and assembly costs when compared to the alternative methods of soldering or employing adhesives or fasteners* Everything can be molded in a single action rather than in several actions* The material required results in a savings over material costs because the amount is less. An injection insert molding service does not need as much or as heavy an amount of joining or adhesive material because the plastic addition eliminates the need for other fasteners and other devices required for attachment.* The resultant product is stronger due to the co-joining of the plastic and the various components* The resulting item is more reliable since the injection insert molding service ensures the parts are fixed firmly in the proper position. This is particularly important when it comes to medical devices and electrical units. They need to be highly resistant to shock and vibrations* The process allows for companies to have flexibility in design. They are able to combine various materials and create diverse configurations as required.* In the procedure, you can employ recycled materials such as plastic pellets with greater ease.

Companies have also found that it is inexpensive to retool. Conversion is easy with the resultant savings, including the use of recycled plastic pellets. Is it any wonder there are many companies out there willing to help you get started and/or supply you with their plastic injection molding service.

Finding the Right Plastic Injection Insert Molding Service

There are many different companies that offer you a plastic injection molding service. Be sure to check their credentials. Talk to those who have used their services and be sure to obtain samples of their work. Visit the company and be sure to see the products in action. The construction and mold design of the product is extremely important when dealing with insert moldings. Only after you have ascertained that the company is credible, reputable and delivers a quality product on time should you agree to work with them.

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