By Rena Graham

One of the biggest problems that every patient faces or fears pertaining to any type of intrusive surgical treatment is pain. To help you soar through the healing process with much better ease and also results, here are some strategies to aid you in handling the pain more successfully.

The degree of pain is different for every individual, and also this is dependent on their pain threshold and tolerance. That is why, we could never ever appraise the amount of pain a person is feeling as well as rate its intensity for them.

The usual therapy used for pain is a prescribed analgesic or pain medications. There are instances where patients do not respond well with this. That is why there are additional actions such as using pain pumps, although these are much expensive, yet they are highly effective.


A pain pump, in some cases called an infusion pump, is equipment that delivers a long-acting anesthetic in the appropriate dosage. It is set to automatically deliver the medication on regular schedules or in times where pain attacks are more intense. It also delivers the safe doses which avoids overdose and complications. An infusion pump is typically used for 2-3 days after the surgical procedure.

Yet another factor that even impacts the intensity of pain after surgery is the placement and size of the implants. This significantly raises the discomfort after breast enhancement because of the invasiveness required on making this possible.

To significantly reduce the pain resulting from breast augmentation surgery, it is best to completely explain your choices with an experienced surgeon. Getting appropriate advice is important regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the various sizes, types and placement of breast implants. That way you can make the best decision which would be most appropriate for your case and most specifically, your pain tolerance.

Good physical support is also a necessary factor that could considerably reduce pain after breast implants. After the flexible bandages are taken out, you can continue good breast support by using running bras. This may make it much easier for you to move around specifically when your breasts are still a little swollen. Make sure that it fits you perfectly, snug enough for proper support but not too tight either to impair proper circulation.

Suitable body mechanics will be very helpful in the course of this really delicate time. Avoid overstretching or flexing the muscular tissue particularly those near the surgical site to protect it against pain. You might also need to maintain an excellent posture to prevent sagging of the breasts which only puts on more weight to the skin and strain to the healing incision site.

Finally, range of motion workouts can also allow you to handle the discomfort after breast enlargement better, given that you perform them correctly to prevent further trauma to the area. ROM exercises will be very helpful specifically in patients who have under the muscular tissue implants because they are typically more at risk for tissue spasms. For proper advice, you can always ask your surgeon about the safe and proper ways to perform it.

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