By Sean A. Kelly

When we speak of debt issues, the first person that comes to my mind would be my best friend Carl. Carl used to be one that had trouble to control his spending habits, so much so that he ended up with mounting outstanding balances on at least four credit card accounts. And to make things worse, he could not afford the monthly minimum payment of his cards. Thus he was caught in a financial dilemma with no obvious escape route. As he did not qualify for a debt consolidation loan due to his exceptionally low credit score, he was contemplating the idea of declaring bankruptcy until he discovered a debt negotiation and settlement firm called Freedom Debt Relief. The firm was introduced to Carl by another of our close friends from college, James, who had signed up with the firm a couple of years ago to settle his own debt problems.

Carl explored his options with Freedom by making an appointment with one of the firm’s counselors, and managed to strike a deal with the company to slowly but surely eliminate all his credit card debt. Today, Carl is a happy young man with a clear debt settlement plan in place. If everything goes according to plan, Carl will emerge debt free in less than three years, and trust me when I say that this would not have been achievable without Freedom’s expertise and assistance.


One may wonder why Carl decided to opt for Freedom instead of any other debt settlement firm in existence today in the country. Well for one, Freedom does not charge any upfront fee. This is indeed welcome news for those deeply mired in debt complications as they would definitely struggle to fork out even a small amount for upfront processing fees. And Freedom has a proven track record for helping those struggling with debt accumulations to clear their debts. The firm has to date helped more than 40,000 clients across the country with debt issues, and has approximately 600 staff serving clients all over the nation. To add to this, Freedom also offers a service fee money back guarantee if the firm fails to negotiate with your lenders and obtain a more attractive repayment deal for you. This fact makes it one of the very few debt settlement firms in the country that offers this money back guarantee.

If you are doubtful over Freedom’s credentials, please cease to do so. The firm is registered under the Better Business Bureau, and all of its agents are registered and certified by the IAPDA. In fact, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the few Platinum IAPDA certified firms that is in existence today. Being a bonded organization, Freedom has audited financial reports that you could browse through if you wanted to.

After having taken all the above into consideration, one would have to agree that Freedom is indeed one of the best and most effective debt settlement firms in the country today. The firm tries to help those with debt, avoid the option of bankruptcy by offering the debt negotiation option instead. If you agree to sign up with the company, Freedom would subsequently get in touch with your lenders and creditors and negotiate on your behalf to garner lower interest rates for your credit accounts. The firm would also try to obtain reductions and discounts on the principal debt that you owe to your lenders, with the mission of lowering your monthly repayment amount.

Once you put pen to paper with an agreement with Freedom, you would then deal only with the firm and not your lenders anymore. Your monthly repayment amount would be paid to Freedom, who will distribute the required amounts accordingly to each lender that you owe money to, albeit at lower interest rates. You usually end up saving a few thousands from interest reductions alone. Thus this debt settlement option is definitely something that you should consider before you opt for bankruptcy.

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