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Interesting Developments In The Sphere Of Cosmetic Surgery – Cosmetic Surgery


Bharat Aggarwal

Men have an eternal craving for staying young and looking ravishing even if they grow old. As we grow older, we start losing the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and the body starts losing its natural toned look. Then there are people who are born with certain cosmetic defects that prevent them from living their life in full vigor. The plight of these people whose appearance become the cause of agony have always made the medical scientists think and that led to the emergence of cosmetic surgery as the most innovative branch of medical science. It is often said, that no branch of medical science has made such a remarkable advancement over such a short period of time.

The recent trends in plastic surgery however involve the shift of emphasis from complex surgical procedures to minimal invasive techniques and prospects in the coming decades seem only endless. The procedures are increasingly becoming quicker requiring lesser downtime for recovery, the scarring are going to be less and expenses are also coming down significantly attracting a larger segment of the society.

The researches are moving toward the most advanced kind of cosmetic engineering. As for example, the scientists have achieved major breakthroughs in the area of tissue engineering that will make generation of live tissues possible in the laboratory set up to be used to replace the damaged skin or body parts. The researches are also being carried on to explore the possibilities in reproducing skin grafts, breast tissue, muscles, or nerves. Thus the future of cosmetic surgery seems to mostly depend on the advancements made in the areas of tissue engineering.

However, as said earlier, in the new millennium, the cosmetic surgery is leaning more towards less invasive procedures and a new generation of products and techniques have been introduced to deal with a number of cosmetic imperfections. We all know about Botox and its recent popularity, but there are many more products with the same or even more potentials.


Botulinum toxins.

Some people simply need a stronger version of Botox for longer duration and stronger wrinkle reducing abilities. Their demand can be met in a product called Myobloc or Dysport which is a type B botulinum toxin while Botox is type A. Its advantage lies in the fact that Dysport treatments requires two application a year as opposed to the four application a year usually needed by Botox patients.

Hyaluronic acid

This is another product that is fast gaining hold. As a component of skin tissue, this product is meant to provide cushioning and lubrication to the skin. Their effects can last up to one year.


If you want that perfect strawberry mouth like Angelina Jolie, you will no longer need to go under the surgical scalpels. For creating spouty lips, cosmetic surgeons may inject in your lips Radiance that is derived from calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance found in human bones and teeth. The product is however awaiting FDA approval for use in cosmetic treatment.


This is being viewed as the first permanent injection to treat wrinkles. How does it work? The process involves the injection of microscopic plastic beads suspended in collagen into the targeted area. The body absorbs the injected collagen, and the beads make the body to produce its own collagen. Thus it triggers off a collagen production cycle. As the body experiences a drop in the collagen production, the beads instruct the body to produce more.

In the years to come, cosmetic surgery techniques are predicted to develop at even a faster rate. More advanced approaches are expected to replace the present techniques as demand for procedures with immediate effects and quicker healing time grow.

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