By John Purfield

Whether you are following a rapid weight loss diet plan or trying to lose weight slowly, you are facing a life style change that is totally based on how your work week goes. Usually most work weeks are filled with long commutes, long hours and perhaps social outings that seem to deliberately throw us off from our plans.

If you need to loose weight quickly, then you need to be near perfect in executing your weight loss plan. Here are five tips you help you be most effective in losing weight. These should be part of your weekly routine.

Please note these tips require some thought and it is suggested you execute some of these items on your day off.

Create your weekly menu

On a rapid weight loss diet plan, your success or failure is solely based on what you eat and what you don’t eat. So, you should create a menu. The menu should serve as a guide to every meal you will eat during the week.


I suggest you buy a spiral note book or composition book and date the menus you create. This way you can take notes and review past menus.

Keep the menu with you during the week and mark down if you ate what you planned. Also make notes of when you cheated.

Create your shopping list and go shopping

After you create your menu, you need to look at the meals you have planned and make a shopping list. Your shopping list should be very simple with only the items that support your menu.

Identify Possible Cheat Days for the upcoming week

No matter how hard you try to lose weight you will always be in a situation where you may be tempted to over eat. This includes social outings with co-workers or friends. Identifying these days will help you over come them.

Prepare your meals ahead of time.

Preparing your meals ahead of time provides the following: you are making a commitment to eat that meal and you are ensuring yourself you are going to eat a meal that is helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Review your week

Always review the week to see how successful you where with your weekly menu. You’ll be able to see what you worked and didn’t work. Simply, take a look at your menu and then review the meals you ate. If you took good notes, then you’ll be able to use the review process as a learning experience to fine tune your rapid weight loss diet.

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