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Selecting wedding gifts can be confusing and at times stressful as people have the tendency to think about other gifts before buying one. The thought that their gift would be the smallest or the cheapest at the wedding crosses one’s mind and it’s because of these factors that these are the trickiest gifts to select compared to others.


Wedding Gift Etiquettes

There is some basic etiquette to be followed while giving wedding gifts. The basic rule to give a gift is a day before the wedding. It can be personally delivered to the bride’s home, although, most people prefer the mail. It is also acceptable to bring the gifts on the Wedding day and deposit it with the Gift Reception Registry or the Gift Room. Different cultures have different etiquettes. Asian culture requires money gifts to be enclosed in a Red Envelope with a congratulatory remark, while cheques should be enclosed in a white envelope. Thus wedding gifts holds different values in different cultures.

Some Popular Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding gift should hold some amount of use for the couple. Kitchen items or Living room accessories are the ones, which are welcome, however with weddings now taking place in a more modern manner, it is not surprising to see a surge in modern wedding gifts like Game Consoles and Television sets. Traditional gifts like Irons, Kettles and Dinnerware are redundant or never considered. With more and more couples being in a live-in relation before they get married, the importance of traditional gifts is not being realized. Many couples live with inferior items in their homes expecting high quality gifts on the day they get married. Traditional gifts still hold a fair amount of advantage over modern gifts, as they are easier to choose from and are often important for the couple in their day-to-day life.