byAlma Abell

Many people need an attorney at some point in their lives for such things as bankruptcy, collection defense, and disability claims. The lawyers at Krumbein and Associates, PLLC have been helping the people of Richmond, Virginia with legal issues for over 20 years. They can provide representation in several areas of the law, but in particular the lawyers have experience in Social Security claims, debt collections as it pertains to predatory lending; mortgages, and foreclosures; and Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How can an SSI Lawyer Richmond help you with a disability claim? Often a person applies and is denied before hiring a lawyer. This means that you will probably need to attend a hearing before an administrative law judge or ALJ for any hope of receiving benefits. This is where an attorney can really help win the claim. The lawyer will develop the medical evidence from your medical records, and submit them to the Social Security Administration or SSA before the hearing. You must sign a medical privacy release form which lets your lawyer access your medical records.

To win your disability claim, the SSA often requires the type of exam that you need to qualify. Your SSI Lawyer Richmond knows the types of exams that the SSA prefers and the doctors they approve of. He may schedule a CE (consultative examination) with an SSA-approved doctor if needed. The doctors are asked to provide supportive statements with respect to your functional limitations. There may even be “bad” evidence that will go against your appeal. Your lawyer can deal with that too.

You may bring in a witness who can testify about your disability, but your attorney typically has to approve them. In some cases, well-meaning witnesses may actually harm your chance at winning disability. Your lawyer will also go over your letter of denial from the SSA to determine the reasons for the denial. These denial issues need to be resolved in your favor.

A disability listing is a description of a particular illness written by the SSA. You must meet the criteria in the listing to qualify automatic approval of benefits. Social Security has a “blue book” with all accepted disabilities listed. Some of these disabilities include Autoimmune Disorders (Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis); Cardiovascular System Disorders (Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease); Digestive System Disorders (Hepatitis, Gout); and more.