We are all better educated about design than ever before, we know how we want to dress, where we want to eat and holiday, also due to the proliferation of TV design makeover shows and interior magazines we know what we aspire to in interior design, and how we’d like our homes to look.

E decorating brings interior design within the reach of everyone, no matter where you live, and no matter what your budget for new furnishings is. It combines all the benefits of the Internet with fixed price specific interior design advice that is personal to the client, their home and their family’s needs.

An E Designer never visits her client but communicates through phone consultations, up loaded images and floor plans. The client has the advantage that all time spent on their scheme is good quality design time rather than travelling time to meet the client in their home. Some clients like the idea of the privacy E decorating offers as the designer doesn’t visit their home, which some clients find slightly intimidating. Other clients like the idea that they’re working to a fixed amount, both for the design fee and for the budget for the scheme. In all cases the client is assured that the scheme will be personal to the clients needs and will be the same high quality of design as a traditional designer would offer…The finished design, mood board, floor plan and swatches are then sent to the client so they can then order everything online at their convenience.

E decorating began in the USA where interior designers found it impossible to travel the vast distances sometimes necessary to reach their clients. E decorating is seen as a good quality alternative to traditional interior design. The client can have one room designed at a time and often the interior designer is happy to combine existing furnishings and treasures in the client’s scheme. The interior scheme is always personal to the clients needs.

Often designers find that E decorating is used to solve a design problem that the client may have, or as general design inspiration so that the client can get a clear idea of how the colours and textures and furnishings will work together in their room. A good interior designer will be a rich source of interior design ideas as well as knowing where to purchase items from and where to seek out the best value for money for her client.

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Are you looking for the interior design for your home at an affordable price. Then use an E decorating service and you will achieve a room you cant wait to live in.
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