Taking Care Of You Auto Air Conditioning System


Gardner Wilkinson

We spend a lot of time in our cars, but its appalling how little care we take of them unle4ss we absolutely have to. And then again, it’s the most important parts that receive the most attention, the engine, the oil etc. However, one usually forgets the little things, the ones that are not essential for your car to keep running, but quite important if a comfortable ride is what one wants. Thus one often finds himself or herself sweating profusely while driving to the repair shop to get the air conditioner fixed. An expense and a bother that can be avoided if better care is taken of the auto air conditioning system.

The thing is, it’s not very difficult to take good care of an auto air conditioning system. Just remember the rules given below and you can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle involving broken air conditioners and angry passengers.

Regular Use: Even during the winter months, the car A/C should be switched on at least once weekly. This keeps the unit in tip top shape.

Regular Maintenance: Even if there is nothing wrong with your auto air conditioning system, you should get it checked at regular intervals. In case of any problems, it is much cheaper and better to detect and fix them early on. However, you need to remember that car maintenance technicians often don’t check the A/C, so you may have to find one who does.

Moderate Use: During summer, the temptation is to seal the windows and turn down the A/C to its lowest setting. Resist this and question yourself on whether you really need the car to be so cold. Remember, the lower the temperature is, the more pressure you are putting on the A/C and the more fuel you are burning. Generally it’s enough to keep the setting 3-5 degrees below normal temperature.

Recirculate: Turning on the recirculate mode reduces pressure on the air conditioning system and also burns less fuel.

Change the Filters: After some use, the filters in the A/C can become infested with bacteria. So it’s smart to get the filters every so often.

However, in spite of your best efforts, sometimes the A/C system will break down. In such cases you need a car care specialist who is both skilled and experienced in dealing with auto air conditioning. Tucson AZ residents looking for such specialists should check out brakemax.com for the best quality car repair and maintenance in the region.

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